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Mark Bright

Mark Bright

Mark D. Bright is an American comic book and storyboard artist. Sometimes credited as Doc Bright (a play on his initials), he is best known for pencilling the Marvel Comics Iron Man story Armor Wars, the two Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn miniseries for DC Comics, for painting the cover to Marvel Comics’ Transformers #5 and for co-creating Quantum and Woody with writer Christopher J. Priest. Bright later became a freelance storyboard artist, although he and Priest reunited for a five-issue Quantum and Woody miniseries published by the new incarnation of Valiant Comics in 2014–2015, but set in the continuity of the original Quantum and Woody series.   His work in comics began in 1978 with a three-page story in House of Mystery #257 (April 1978) His first regular work was providing the art for the Christopher J. Priest (then going by his birth name, Jim Owsley) penned Falcon mini-series in 1983. One issue had been completed by artist Paul Smith, and Bright pencilled the remaining three issues.

He again collaborated with Priest on the final 10 issues of Power Man and Iron Fist. Bright’s regular-artist runs on comic-book series include Solo Avengers, Iron Man, G.I. Joe, Green Lantern, Action Comics (when it was published weekly), Milestone Comics’ Icon and Acclaim Comics’ Quantum and Woody. Although Bright inked some of his covers, most of his interior comics artwork was created in collaboration with an inker, primarily Romeo Tanghal, Randy Emberlin, Greg Adams and Mike Gustovich. During his years as a full-time comic book artist, Bright also provided artwork for analogous trading cards: The Green Lantern Hal Jordan card for Impel’s 1992 DC Cosmic Cards, approximately one-third of Impel’s 1991 G.I. Joe trading card set, and all of the Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps artwork for Impel/Skybox’s 1993 DC Cosmic Teams trading cards.

After 20 years in American comic books, Bright moved into storyboarding for commercials, and live-action television and feature films, notably including M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender. He has occasionally returned to comics, including an Untold Tales of the New Universe one-shot for Marvel Comics and a Transformers Spotlight issue for IDW Publishing.

He also created the Damaged comic series with Jason McKee of A-10 Comics. Bright’s Christian-themed comic strip …level path, that he writes and draws, is occasionally updated on his website.   This will be Mark Bright’s debut appearance at Tampa Bay Comic Convention!