Jorge Molina Bio

Jorge Molina

Born in 1984 in Merida, Yucatán, México, Jorge Molina showed a big passion in comics since an early age and dreamed in working on anything related to drawing super heroes.

As he got older he started to realize it was just a kid’s dream and that he should probably do something more “reliable”, but then he had the chance to study animation and from there he ended up in comics. Jorge being an upcoming artist started working in the industry five years ago and has done video games, comics, clothing design and product design for companies like UDON, Image, Top Cow, DC Comics, Crystal Dynamics, and Buzz Monkey.

He recently decided to concentrate mainly on covers and has been working with Marvel, DC and Valiant on titles such as: Avengers Assemble, Inhumanity, New Warriors, AvX: What if?, X-Force, Birds of Prey, X-O Manowar, among others.

Recently he has been given the opportunity to do the full books for three issues of X-Force.