Joe Phillips Bio

Joe Phillips

Joe Phillips

I’m an artist, illustrator, animator, designer, and sculptor based in San Diego, California. My commercial work appears internationally in books, magazines, and on products since 1983.

I am a veteran of the comic book industry, working professionally since 1987. I’ve penciled interiors and covers for publishers, such as DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, IDW, Image, Wild Storm, and Now. I have also painted and drawn trading cards for Wizards of the Coast, Fleer and Upper Deck.

I work with clients, such as Xodus USA, Justus Clothing Company, and Rufskin creating unique packaging and product art for t-shirts, magnets, and clothing. I’ve also created packaging and video for recording artists Drew Mason, Ari Gold and Levi Kreis. I render ideas from a concept drawings to fully realized paintings, animations, or sculpture.

I have mad skills in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Clip Paint Studio, and Anime Studio Pro.
This will be Joe Phillips’ debut appearance at Tampa Bay Comic Convention!