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Dan Veesenmeyer

Dan Veesenmeyer

I’m a Minnesota born and bred geek who was somehow able to turn his passions into two very separate yet awesome careers. No formal artistic training. Everything self taught with experience gained on the job.

The Early Years

I began my freelance illustration career in 1993 as a storyboard artist in television animation. I worked on many action/adventure series for nearly a decade. Studio clients during this time included Fox, Graz, Saban, Disney Television Animation, Hanna-Barbera, Dreamworks Animation and Marvel (New World) Animation studios. Further details of my animation career are featured on that gallery page within this site. Eventually I transitioned into a comic and licensing artist and worked for many publishers and studios including Lucasfilm Licensing, Marvel Comics, DC Comics Licensing, Wildstorm Comics, Golden Books and Wizards of the Coast.

Then by the craziest twist of fate, while boarding a flight from Minneapolis to San Diego for the San Diego Comic-Con in July, 2012, my seat assignment was changed last minute and I ended up seated next to a guy who turned out to be an art director for Lego and the Lego Club magazine. This guy was attending Comic-Con to search for new comic talent for the magazine and Minneapolis was his connecting flight. We chatted for the full three hour flight about our various careers, art, Lego, what have you. When he heard about my past art career he suggested I try out for the gig…get back into that illustration world. He convinced me that I could learn the digital tools required and had some recommendations. To make this story short…he was proved right. After a few months of digital training and practice I drew my first comic for the Lego Club magazine in late 2012. 

Since then I’ve been drawing Lego themed art exclusively for the company and it’s partners (and fans) ever since!