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Luci Christian

Luci Christian is an American voice actress and ADR script writer who has provided many voices for English versions of Japanese anime series and films, including supporting roles in Fullmetal Alchemist as guest character Psiren and later as the recurring character Wrath. She voiced actress Asako Kurumi in Funimation’s dub of Kodocha, and a lead role as Rico in the girls-with-guns drama Gunslinger Girl. In 2006, she voiced lead character Asuna Kagurazaka in the school anime Negima, which is about a boy magician who teaches at an all-girls middle school. Theron Martin of Anime News Network remarked that she interpreted her role much like Kaname Chidori on Full Metal Panic. She also landed the lead role of Tenma Tsukamoto in the comedy School Rumble, voiced the supporting role of Hitomi Kashiwa in Welcome to the NHK, and voiced Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka in Ouran High School Host Club.

She voiced Kirino Chiba, the captain of a kendo team in Bamboo Blade, and Lenalee Lee in the fantasy series D.Gray-man. In 2010, she voiced Nagisa Furukawa in the Clannad series, the title character in Birdy the Mighty Decode and Makina Hoshimura from Corpse Princess. She voiced Medusa in the Soul Eater anime series, released on video in 2010 and later broadcast on Adult Swim’s Toonami block in 2013. In 2011, she voiced Meryl Strife in the English dub of the anime feature film Trigun: Badlands Rumble. In 2012, she voiced Nessa in Fractale, served as the narrator for Ōkami-san and her Seven Companions and Kamisama Kiss, and voiced companion devil Elsie in The World God Only Knows. In 2013, she voiced the main characters Marika Kato in Bodacious Space Pirates, and Himeko Inaba in the body-swapping anime series Kokoro Connect. In 2016, she voiced Ochaco Uraraka in My Hero Academia. Christian voiced Chihaya Ayase in Sentai Filmworks’ English dub of the adaptation of Yuki Suetsugu’s manga series Chihayafuru. Also in 2017, she had starring heroine roles as Hestia in Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? and Touko Nanami in Bloom Into You.

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